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Another ‘Primal Health’ is ruining our name!

Updated 2nd October 2015 A NOTE FOR PEOPLE WANTING REFUNDS If you have emailed us via our contact page, looking for a product replacement or return of funds, we regret to inform you that we are NOT the Primal Health you are looking for. We are listed on Google as the #1 Primal Health usually. Great […]


How to Get Primal on a Swiss Ball – Part 2/5: Prone and Supine Balance

Note: This is a loose transcription of the video ‘How to get Primal on a Swiss Ball – Part 2/5’ G’day guys, welcome to Part 2 of 5 on how to get Primal on a Swiss Ball. Today, I want to show you some different exercises that are going to really activate your mid-section, or […]


Is Stretching Really That Important?

Yes! Stretching, or flexibility, is the ability of your body’s joints to move through their full range of motion (ROM) to be able to do what they are designed to do. A joint’s ROM can be negatively affected from day to day activities such as bad posture and incorrect bending and lifting, as well as […]